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The intelligent system is designed for packing bags of granules, back packing plant which has eight horizontal packaging machine. It uses the most advanced spider robot hand to achieve the packing and several package actions; 8 upstairs machine divided into two groups of four group, the two groups are not used simultaneously, the common set of packing systems. 180 packed bags lay neatly on the cloth belt conveyed to the conveying line by grab bag device, four machine products at 4 transported to the rear end of the multi-column check-weighers, so that each to ensure that the weight of qualified products into the next process, measurement of qualified bags delivered to the first floor via a ramp conveyor line, by two to four spider robot hand over conveyance of each bag to be placed ordered inside the box, and an accurate count, installed after the box into the FCL load testing, is to weed out unqualified, qualified into the sealing machine,then fall down boxes and packing means 90 degree, easy to film the boxes behind, boxes charter flights into the membrane film, electric heating shrinkage backward over two dozen packer packaged with artificial palletizing transport.