Jiangsu TOM Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

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March 1998
Jiangsu Tom Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd formally incorporated ;
in 2001
won the Jiangsu Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau of Measurement Assurance Unit , and access permit measurement equipment manufacturing enterprises;
in 2002
passed the ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification , as business development needs, WIZ 40 acres of land , build a new plant ;
in 2003
the company moved No.26 Fengxi Road, Wujin Hi-Tech district from downtown;
in 2004
the company developed new products obtained a number of national patents ;
in 2005
the company developed the automatic cap feeding and cap sorting machine, automatic capping machine is approved by the National Development and Reform Commission for the national industry standards.
in 2006
the company produced DGP-C-20X rotary computer filling machine , high-precision intelligent automatic piston filling machine, automatic bag packaging machines, automatic high-performance capping machine, automatic intelligent labeling machines, get jiangsu high-tech products;
August 2007
obtain identification of Jiangsu high-tech enterprises;
June 2008
establish labor union , get national sme innovation fund in August;
January 2009
Premier Wen Jiabao and Provincial, municipal leaders visit Tom laboratory, August get EU products and obtained CE certification enterprises;
March 2010
Get the World Trade Center member companies ,foreign trade enterprises booming;
February 2011
national high-tech enterprises identified , corporate sales exceeded 100 million yuan ;
in 2012
the company continued to promote the production scale , the new plant 12000m2 sales growth of 35 % over the previous year , reaching 135 million yuan ;
March 2013
established Jiangsu John Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. , research the production line of daily products;
in 2013
annual sales of Jiangsu Tom packaging machinery first beyond 200 million , reaching 213.6 million yuan;
in 2014
established the Jiangsu Weihai Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. , developed the production line of food , oil, spices and so on. And established Jiangsu Tom Group , the Group has Jiangsu Tom Packaging Machinery Co., , Jiangsu John Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. , Jiangsu Weihai Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. , headquartered in Changzhou Wujin Hi-tech District, Changzhou city