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Leadership Speech

  Jiangsu Tom Group as packaging machinery industry business models, to guide the production of standard packaging machinery, packaging machinery automation actively promote improved. We know that a respected business, not only in the interests of good legitimate access to production and business activities, but also being able to take on social responsibility. The rapid development of the company and the good results achieved in recent years, from the wisdom and hard work of all employees, to benefit from China's reform and opening up and sustained economic growth, good environment, thanks to the domestic and international partners and customers to our love and trust. With the fruits of development to return customers, employees return, return to the community is our bounden duty.

  Tom Group based in China, think globally, and its business has been around the world 35 countries and regions, and directly and indirectly affect the lives of millions of people. Excellent performance and perfect after-sales service system won the unanimous praise of customers.

  We Tom Group, to "strive to achieve standardization of China's packaging machinery" for the mission, "Tom factory each machine is like our own children to the field to work, we will always cared about him, he maintains" service concept, and strive to make products for Tom, beautiful, humane; stable, thick, unmanned, China and the world of packaging and make due contributions.

  Jiangsu Tom 213.6 million yuan in 2013 sales, once again achieved a historic breakthrough in leaps and bounds, which has customers, employees, friends and family encouragement and help, encouragement and support! The more you sweat into them tirelessly. Here, on behalf of the team of Tom express our sincere thanks to you! When this fruitful past of 2013, full of hope for the dawn of 2014, Tom wish all our customers, suppliers, external consultation and all the staff and their families health, happiness, 2014 Tom will be a development of a new era.