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Tom Culture

Jiangsu Tom group
Jiangsu Tom- The top brand of global professional pesticide packaging
Jiangsu John - The top brand of global professional cosmetic packaging
Jiangsu Weihai - The top brand of global professional oil packaging

Pesticide chemicals, household chemicals, oil food industry generally believe Tom with five reasons:
1、Tom goals: to make Chinese small package enterprises to standardize.
2、professional service: to provide small packaging companies the most saving, the most stable and most advanced packaging lines.
3、the quality of ideas: suitable, beautiful, humanize,stable, thick, unmanned.
4、after-sales philosophy: Every customer is Tom’s god, Tom anxious customers’s anxious, is the bounden duty of Tom.
5、the eternal promise: every machine out of our factory is like our own children to the field to work, we will always concern about it, maintainer of it.

Jiangsu Tom Group evaluates "loyal employees Award" standards and incentives.
The award establish for creating century Tom, the annual payment of the bonus was introduced in 2010.
Evaluation criteria:Tom enterprise employees to join those who only need five years will be assessed as Tom’s "loyalty Staff Award", "loyal employees" will receive a year-end "loyal staff award.”
Incentives:If employees join Tom was over 5 years, it would receive the award of the 5% of last annual salary. If employees join Tom was over 6 years, it would receive the award of the 6% of last annual salary. If employees join Tom was 7 five years, it would receive the award of the 7% of last annual salary...... If employees join Tom was over 15 years, it would receive the award of the 15% of last annual salary. and so on.
Description:During works, If Tom employees who gets "loyal employee" honor, disloyal to enterprises, violated state law from disclosing company secrets, harm the company's interests, not subject to the company management, not proactive workers, the company would cancel or partial forfeiture of rewards.

Good news
·Jiangsu Tom Corporation created the sales volume of over 200 million RMB
·Tom Corporation won the bid of the order of Packaging line valuing 22.10 million from Syngenta Corporation, which is the biggest global brand of agricultural chemicals
·Tom Corporation gained 3.5 million RMB from LongchengYingcai Venture Capital Fund in 2013.

Words of Tom people
1、We put sincerity into work; we focus on our goal; we deliver hope for the future.( Wangtong from The filling plant)
2、Working in Tom offers me solid life.( Liuyang from The filling plant)
3、We treat the factory as home; we show loyalty to the position.(Zhang Hualong)
4、We come from different places, but share one family in Tom. We show different skills, but share the same honor.(Zhang Hongyu from the welding workshop)
5、Following the predecessors, we make Tom better and better. (Xu Rongzhe)
6、We work hard to create great value, to gain great bonus. We expect to return with happiness and success.(Hubo from The filling plant)

Corporate culture
1、Tom’s ambition: to do everything in the long term and always respect the reality with the faith to be a one-hundred-year corporation.
2、Tom’s principle: to develop together with the society, employees and partners.
3、Tom’s goal: to focus on machinery and contribute to the nation
4、Tom’s culture: loyalty, diligence, harmony and effectiveness
5、Tom’s efficiency: communicate in time and solve the problem in no time
6、Tom’s standard: to keep clean, orderly and transparent
7、Tom’s product quality: we believe 100-1=0. We adopt the policy of life-long responsibility towards product quality.
8、Tom’s management philosophy: we care about reputation, so we keep promise, provide good service to clients and make profits in the proper way.