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  Jiangsu Tom Corporation, as being responsible for national science development and taxation promotion, is obliged to better the economy. Tom continuously enlarge the scope, broaden the tax share to make great contribution to the national development. Tom think highly of the scientific development on the basis of “five planning”. Yang jianhua, the chairman of the board, stick to sustainable development and pay much attention to resources conservation. He establishes parks inside the factory to maintain harmony with the natural environment.

  Tom backs to the society a lot during its prosperous development. In 2005, Tom donated 50 thousand RMB to poor village for road repairing. Tom donated 100 thousand RMB worth of goods to the disaster areas under the call of Wujin High-tech Zone after earthquake struck Wenchuan and Yushu in 2008 and 2009 separately. In 2012, Tom donated 30 thousand RMB to Guangcai Foundation to help students in poor areas. In 2013, Tom donated 30 thousand RMB to Changzhou Buddhist Association. Such charities are be too many to recount.

  Tom sticks to “people oriented”. Each employee enjoys the care from Tom. The care includes social insurance, improving the salary and prompt delivery of it. Tom also sets up staff apartments and supports them to buy houses economically so that their family can have a comfortable life. During the daily life, Tom’s employees receive welfares and gift frequently. In the Spring Festival, they bring lots of exquisite gifts home.

   Tom prepares special awards for the loyalty and contributions.

The list of employees who received the awards in 2012 and 2013