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Food Business Network organized exhibitors took part in the 2013 Shanghai International Processing Packaging Exhibition

   Vigorously develop the domestic industry, especially fast moving consumer goods supply and demand improved significantly, thanks to market demand, the show can be so rapidly improved. Market is expected that by 2016, demand for packaging equipment 7.5% per year, an increase of about 650 million dollars annually. Filling and form / fill / seal equipment still accounts for the largest market share, while the demand for labeling and coding equipment is also growing. Market share of the largest food and beverage packaging industry still needs to support the latest processing and packaging technology, allowing companies to continue to vigorously developed.

    Annual session of ProPakChina, after 19 sessions, the exhibition shows the full range of required industry production, processing and packaging equipment. Whether it is from the food, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, household chemical, chemical or pharmaceutical, electronic field production and processing enterprises can find their own production is closely related to the product at the show. This year, the show has increased the number of exhibitors from different countries and regions, and the debut. The exhibition organizer China International Exhibitions (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The report shows that, ProPakChina 2013 exhibition area of ​​45,000 square meters, an increase of 16%, is the largest-ever exhibition development session.

    ProPakChina success cannot be copied, for a long time, the exhibition has received strong support from the world's leading packaging equipment manufacturing technology in some countries and regions in the packaging industry associations. Viewers through the exhibition and from the German Machinery Manufacturers Association, the Food and Packaging Machinery Association; the Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association; Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency and the Korea Packaging Machinery Association; British Processing and Packaging Machinery Association; Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association face to face communication. This year the show also received strong support from Italy and Singapore UCIMA Processing & Packaging (PP) and the French Adepta pavilions.

    Today, more countries are willing to establish trade relations with China as a trade partner. In China, ProPakChina have always been supported by 14 domestic first-class enterprises, a show developed a "strategic partnership." As the exhibition "strategic partner" for five consecutive years of corporate commitment to the booth will be the largest exhibition debut, and to promote their latest technology and equipment at the show.

    Held in conjunction with a professional for liquid beverage processing and packaging BevTekChina and ProPakChina, the exhibitions comprehensively displayed liquid and beverage processing industry's latest equipment and technology. Policies related to the recent introduction of the newest excessive packaging of alcoholic beverages are not allowed, and will directly affect the secondary and even primary packaging. Deal making liquor manufacturers will focus on improving the functional role of packaging and packaging efficiency. As a result, the quality of lightweight, environmentally friendly packaging materials will be acclaimed for the two processing and packaging markets. Improve primary processing efficiency, reduce unnecessary packaging costs, you can make the entire processing and packaging costs reduced by 20%.

    Industrial automation and control technology to become the development trend of domestic manufacturing enterprises to improve production efficiency. Automation and Control innovative technologies from leading companies will showcase its technology and providing more solutions ProPak. Including Langfang one hundred Crown Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., Suzhou Puli Sheng Packaging Material Co., Guangdong, eastern Guangdong Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., Jintan Everest Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., Haiwo Di automation equipment Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Huangyan Longhong plastic Machinery Factory, Zhongtian Technology Co., Ltd. Hao-Yu, Jin Wang packaging Jintan Co., Ltd., Changzhou Tom packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jimei food Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai Changlong industrial Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Prime Machinery Co., the Company Gurki Packaging machinery Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Ding industry machinery Co., Ltd. and Haikou, high-tech zones Hongbang machinery Co., Ltd., and so on.

 During the exhibition, the contents of the wonderful variety of technical seminars provide an excellent opportunity for the audience to better insight into the industry, market trends, understand the latest policies and regulations. This year's seminar organized by the industry associations: namely from Shanghai Science and Technology Information Institute of Food and Drug Administration oversight; Shanghai Drinks Industry Association; China Food Industry Association Professional Committee of beer and China National Food Industry Association Professional Committee freezer with a new exhibition debut to a series of brilliant speech. Meanwhile, exhibitors and better promotion of the latest technology, carefully prepared various technical exchanges, Rockwell Automation (China) Limited is one of them.