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 Warm congratulations "Tom & Zhang Leyun Wedding" and the "2014 Spring Tom New Product demonstrations,” make a huge success.

        February 22, 2014 Jiangsu Tom Group held a "Tom & Zhang Leyun Wedding" and the "2014 Spring Tom new product demonstrations," the total number of visit the demonstrations reach 2216 people, from across the country, Taiwan and abroad Users 1106 people, the leadership of both parents, celebrities, cultural, educational, artists, symphony musicians, Tom choir song ,Tom dance team, the Shanghai Conservatory of Music performance team, both sides relatives and friends, classmates, colleagues, 1110 people, the whole atmosphere of the General Assembly warm, auspiciousness, harmony unity is a grand scenes, unprecedented in the Assembly, is Changzhou ever "wedding and demonstrations," the combination of the largest event in the record of the most Changzhou, won the leadership at all levels, the majority of users, the community and the friends and family of high praise.