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Packaging machinery upgrading technology is the bottleneck for the development of high-end packaging

         Today's international market, carton packaging machinery is moving in the direction of polarization of a single high-speed multifunction product development.

    For example, candy wrappers need a pillow, shaped, and associated bodies, such products are required to complete the series of product packaging on a packaging machine. This carton packaging production machinery integration, demanding higher efficiency, which is the need for more integrated machine appears. At present, China's carton machinery and equipment is relatively fragmented, with integrated functions much equipment, packaging machinery refers to complete all or part of machinery products and packaging process. Mechanical packaging products have many advantages, not only increase productivity, reduce labor intensity, but also to adapt to the needs of large-scale production and meet sanitary requirements. Seen in this light, the development prospects of packaging machinery is very broad, but if you fail to grasp the core technology of high-end, we can only make money for others, to work out.

  In addition, the domestic enterprises in the product technology development concept and some foreign companies have developed a clear gap, leading domestic research funding, a serious shortage of R & D investment, to further restrict the technological upgrading, the lack of high-tech talent is also restricted technology to enhance the reasons. Moreover, it is worth noting that the more important in the technology inside a packaging machine motion control technology, to do our level compared with foreign countries, let us very disappointed. Motion control products and the role of technology in packaging machinery is mainly to achieve accurate position control and strict speed synchronization requirements, mainly for handling, transporting, marking, stacking, unstacking and other processes. So it can be clear that the motion control technology is the difference between high, one of the key factors in the low-end packaging machinery. The packaging machinery upgrade technical support has become a bottleneck in the development of domestic high-end packaging machinery.